Bullmighty Kennels..... Where soundness is a priority; correct temperament is essential.

Our breeding stock go through rigorous testing, e.g. x-raying spines, hips, patella's, heart clear certified at the specialist centre and DNA profiling.

We do not breed our bitches under the age of 18 months.

All pups offered as family pets are also health tested prior to leaving our kennels this means a full assessment not just a five minute vet check.

Please click on the links for more information on Bullmastiffs and Bulldogs.

         Bullmighty Puppies & Emma

With more than twenty years breeding experience, we are still always learning more about our breeds and our breeding practices and applying that knowledge as best we can.  The quote below sums up the philosophy behind Bullmighty Kennels.

"Mating dogs is not dog breeding. It is the reproduction of dogs. A breeder should be seeking to mate the right dogs in the right way so that he produces the ideal (or as near to it as possible) in his kennels. That is only feasible if the breeder knows what the ideal is." - Malcolm B. Willis, BSc, PhD


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